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Fluid Checks/Changes


The various fluids in your vehicle are in many ways the lifeblood of your car, truck or SUV. Ensuring these fluids are at optimal operating levels is important if you want to keep your car running safely and smoothly for the long haul. During your FREE Vehicle Courtesy Check your local AAMCO of Greater Austin will check all your fluid levels and let you know what’s running low in addition to checking for any leaks that could be causing your fluid levels to drop.


AAMCO centers are the experts in the care and maintenance of your car, truck or SUV’s transmission. AAMCO centers offer the following transmission fluid services:

  • Plus Transmission Flush and Filter Change
  • Safeguard Fluid and Filter Change


Some manufacturers recommend replacing the fluid at regular intervals. That’s because some brake fluids absorb moisture over time, which could mean your brakes perform less well when you need them the most, during hard braking.

The brake fluid level should be checked periodically, preferably with every oil change. Check your owner’s manual to determine the recommended interval for changing the brake fluid or bring your vehicle to AAMCO to have a complete brake inspection. You’ll also get the AAMCO Vehicle Courtesy Check to ensure all of the major systems in your vehicle are in good working order.


Most drivers know it’s recommended that a vehicle’s oil should be changed at regular intervals. Drivers typically don’t realize, however, about the proper intervals for changing their vehicle’s other vital fluids. For the cooling system, check your car’s owner manual to see the recommended interval for changing the coolant in your vehicle but you’ll want to come to AAMCO now if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Your vehicle has recently overheated
  • Your coolant or temperature light comes on
  • Your temperature gauge reads higher or lower than normal
  • Your heater does not work

People Who Know Go to AAMCO